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Partial Dentures



Acrylic – denture teeth are bonded to an acrylic base. Clasps (wire clips) are often used to hold the denture in place.

Cast Partial – they are significantly less bulky and much stronger than an acrylic partial denture. This partial dentures are more comfortable to wear than acrylic partial dentures.



Flexible– are made of flexible base material, and are extremely comfortable to wear and almost undetectable in the mouth as metal clasps are not required.



Clear clasp option – we do have clear or white clasps available for those that do not wish to show metal on the anterior/front teeth while smiling and speaking.

Full Dentures



 Full Dentures are worn by people who are missing all of their teeth

Immediate Dentures


To avoid being without the teeth when having several teeth extracted,

you can have a temporary denture fabricated. This treatment involves having impressions taken of your mouth prior to having your teeth removed. When your natural teeth are extracted your immediate denture is placed immediately in your mouth. This acts as a bandage, prevents you from having to go without teeth and provides you with something to chew with during the healing process.

The healing process takes approximately 3 months and during this time your tissues and bone change and you may require adjustments, temporary liners or tissue conditioners to maintain comfort and the best possible fit during this time.